Good Pet Product Fulfillment

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Warehousing and Distribution of Pet Products Takes an Eye for Detail

The market for pet products is booming, and so is your business.

But you’re struggling to keep track of expiration dates, often having to throw products away instead of selling them. Don’t worry, a good pet product fulfillment company has the manpower and tools to improve your loss rate and help you make more money.

Loss Prevention is the First Priority for Pet Products

Pet products are getting easier to buy from eCommerce merchants, but it’s often difficult for smaller shops to keep track of everything necessary to minimize loss. More dog food gone bad is just a disaster waiting to happen. Now, not only can’t you sell the food, you have to figure out what to do with it. And those recalls? It’s just a lot to handle on your own.

That’s where Global Response 3PL comes in. We are what you might call a good pet product fulfillment company…the best, actually With detailed analytics and eagle-eyed inventory control, we can help you improve your margins without necessarily adding any new customers (though we’re going to be there for you through that, too). Managing loss prevention is the key when it comes to products that expire.

We can keep the fresh foods, treats and medicines flowing to your customers by:

  • Monitoring inventory levels. You may have a sort of roundabout idea of how many of any particular item you’ll sell in a week, but a good 3PL uses detailed analytics to accurately order only what you need and monitor product inventory carefully to ensure there’s always the least amount of inventory in your warehouse as possible to prevent backordering. This helps reduce the risk of anything going bad before it sells.
  • Rotating stock uniformly. When you’re warehousing foods and treats that will go bad and be unsellable on a given date, it’s vital that you know where they are and the expiration date of each SKU. Practicing a rotation pattern that keeps the oldest (but not expired) goods in the pick area and the newest at the back of the warehouse stock will help reduce expiration loss.
  • Checking recalls. Recalls happen, but pet owners take them very seriously. If you continue to sell a cat food that had a recall, you may be in pretty big trouble all around. Pet products 3PLs are always checking new recalls and comparing the list against inventory in their warehouses. If something has to be recalled, we’ll help you make it happen.
  • Disposing of expired goods. With expiration dates comes the inevitable expiration of goods. When those treats you were sure would be a big hit fall flat and hang around too long, your 3PL can give you disposal options. The goal is always to sell as much as possible before this happens, but a little bit of loss to expiration is inevitable.
Good Pet Product Fulfillment

We are committed to you and your business.

Take your pet products business to the next level with good pet product fulfillment services from Global Response 3PL.

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