Returns and Reverse Logistics

The Benefits of a Good Reverse Logistics System


With more people shopping online today than ever, the amount of returns has increased as well. At least 30% of all products ordered online are returned, as compared to 8.89% in brick-and-mortar stores. This high amount of returns has put a strain on supply chain funnels and increased the need for more efficient reverse logistics [...]

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How Different Industries Stack Up In Reverse Logistics, 3PL Use


There’s long been a divide in the types of companies that tend to focus more on reverse logistics or choose to work with a 3rd party logistics company to help with returns management. The measurement firm APQC recently released their most up to date findings on the actual utilization of these items across industries, giving [...]

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3 Ways To Manage Returned Products


No matter what segment of the retail or B2B market your company happens to fall, you know the pain of returned items. Returns and reverse logistics can be a huge drain on a business, especially those that follow the holiday shopping season. If you don’t have a dedicated reverse logistics team in place, processing so [...]

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The Connection Between AI And Reverse Logistics


DHL and IBM recently released the results of an exploration of applications for Artificial Intelligence in the logistics space. What they found was both somewhat expected and amazing, considering how quickly consumers are adjusting to and accepting AI in their daily lives. There seems to be no faucet of the supply chain that can’t be [...]

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3 Important Trends In Reverse Logistics


Anyone who has been involved the supply chain in the last few years would have noticed that reverse logistics has been changing fast. What was once barely a side note in a much bigger industry has now become an industry in its own right. That said, it’s vital that business owners stay informed of the [...]

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3 Ways Easy Returns Translate To Big Gains


With as much as 30 percent of online goods and a whopping eight percent of all of the more than $375 billion in retail merchandise sales returned annually, it’s more important than ever that businesses consider returns when they’re making company-wide policies that affect customers. Simple changes in your reverse logistics, like providing more flexible [...]

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3 Ways Retailers Can Improve Their Reverse Logistics


Being in business in today’s retail world means being able to stay ahead of customer returns. After all, modern shoppers are fickle folks with quickly-shifting tastes. What looked like the perfect party dress yesterday could, on second glance, be the worst. Because up to an estimated 30 percent of eCommerce orders are shipped back and [...]

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What’s New In Reverse Logistics?


The reverse logistics industry is growing and changing rapidly right now, especially when it comes to processes and returns handling. Although your 3rd party logistics company or in-house warehouse is doing great, there’s always room for improvement. These are some of the most important trends in reverse logistics right now: More Ways to Dispose of [...]

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Returns & More Returns


The holiday sales season is in full swing, and that means extra demands on your product fulfillment services arm. As eCommerce sales continue to break records, it would seem that it’s all coming up roses, but there’s a flip side to sales of this magnitude: sometimes-significant amounts of merchandise returns. According to the National Retail [...]

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