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Excess Inventory Leads To…Mobile Storage?


It’s not exactly news that package movers and warehouses across the country continue to be overburdened. In fact, it would probably be far more surprising under current economic pressures if they weren’t. Recently, the combination of holiday inventory gluts, massive numbers of packages to handle through reverse logistics and retailers buying up Chinese stock ahead [...]

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What Is On-Demand Warehousing?


Fulfillment services may have finally jumped the shark with a concept known as “on-demand warehousing.” Essentially the Airbnb of the supply chain, on-demand warehousing uses app-based tools to help companies that have excess product match up with warehouses that have excess space. While this can have many advantages, it also has a lot of potential [...]

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3 Ways Last-Mile Delivery Is Becoming More Important


Although the United States Postal Services (USPS), United Parcel Service (UPS) and Federal Express have long been the big names in the customer-facing last-mile delivery game, a steadily increasing utilization of eCommerce by shoppers everywhere is pushing even these giants to the limit. There are times when package volumes are so great that their massive [...]

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3 Reasons In-House Fulfillment Does Not Make Good Sense


You’ve gotten used to doing pretty much everything for your business in-house, but as your company grows it’s getting harder and harder to keep on top of everything. There are plenty of things you can turn over to experienced professionals, like your marketing and bookkeeping, but what about your order fulfillment? Isn’t that too basic [...]

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3 Ways 3PL Warehouses Are Exceeding Customers’ Changing Expectations


As eCommerce grows and matures, allowing eRetailers to make huge innovations in various aspects of the supply chain, customers are also getting more savvy. They’re embracing all the best the supply chain has to offer for an increasingly better experience shopping online time after time. But don’t worry, 3rd party logistics warehouses are rising to [...]

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Do You Know The Omnichannel Lingo?


Retail has become an entirely different creature from what it was only a few years ago. When an industry has made such a dramatic transformation in such a short period of time, it follows that the language to describe it also can take a turn for the unfamiliar. It’s important to know the most common lingo [...]

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3 Areas We Have Covered In Electronics Fulfillment


Like with your business, 3rd party logistics companies often develop specialties based on the tools and skills that they have available to them.  This might mean that one 3PL is really good with beauty products while another is amazing with pet toys. Just like no eCommerce company can be on top of every niche within eCommerce, [...]

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4 Approaches To Getting Shipping Done Right


Shipping can be a challenge for businesses large and small. There’s a lot to consider in a world where Amazon’s massive fulfillment operation is the mark to match. Even if you’re not looking to fulfill orders at lightning speed, there are many other factors you should weigh when developing your approach to shipping. If You [...]

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3 Reasons Last Mile Logistics Matters So Much


Everybody knows the last mile delivery truck. It might be brown, yellow or white, but all of these trucks do the same job: they make last mile deliveries possible. Everybody knows those trucks, but do you really know how important they are to the entire supply chain? If it weren’t for those trucks, the story [...]

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