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What Are Vitamin Fulfillment Services?


If you work in the e-commerce industry and are looking for a new product to sell, it would be wise not to overlook vitamins and health supplements. The category is growing at lightning speed, with sales having increased by 40% from 2018 to 2019. In fact, online vitamin and supplement purchases are rising at such [...]

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How Do Order Fulfillment Services Work?


A typical day in the life of an ecommerce business owner is filled with tasks that must be done continually and efficiently in order to be successful. These tasks-- which can include processing orders, customer service, managing and updating your ecommerce website, monitoring key performance indicators, creating marketing campaigns, and managing order fulfillment and returns-- [...]

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Why Do Brands Outsource Fulfillment Services?


Ecommerce sales are growing, and so is the amount of businesses outsourcing order fulfillment. In the last several years, ecommerce sales have exploded. In 2014, B2C ecommerce sales totaled $1.3 trillion, and that number is expected to exceed $4.5 trillion by 2021. With the ability to shop 24/7 thanks to the internet, modern consumers have [...]

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What Are Chargebacks, and How Can Merchants Minimize Them?


Also referred to as a payment dispute, a chargeback occurs when a consumer questions a credit or debit card transaction and asks their card-issuing bank to reverse it. When this happens, the bank freezes the funds involved in the transaction and investigates to verify the credibility of the claim. If the merchant can’t prove that [...]

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6 Ways That E-Commerce Brands Can Reduce Shipping Costs


No matter what size e-commerce company you own, shipping is an important component of your business that you must get right. If you’re an e-commerce business owner who spends a lot of time thinking about how to improve your shipping experience while saving yourself time and money, read on! Here are 6 ways that e-commerce [...]

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3 Ways Your Supply Chain Can Be Affected By Natural Disasters


With a rise not only in natural disasters but their destructiveness, it’s more important than ever that your supply chain be able to respond to the unexpected. Unplanned emergencies can not only hurt your retail customers, but they can also lead to major disruptions in the manufacture of goods that save lives and protect communities [...]

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Excess Inventory Leads To…Mobile Storage?


It’s not exactly news that package movers and warehouses across the country continue to be overburdened. In fact, it would probably be far more surprising under current economic pressures if they weren’t. Recently, the combination of holiday inventory gluts, massive numbers of packages to handle through reverse logistics and retailers buying up Chinese stock ahead [...]

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What Is On-Demand Warehousing?


Fulfillment services may have finally jumped the shark with a concept known as “on-demand warehousing.” Essentially the Airbnb of the supply chain, on-demand warehousing uses app-based tools to help companies that have excess product match up with warehouses that have excess space. While this can have many advantages, it also has a lot of potential [...]

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3 Ways Last-Mile Delivery Is Becoming More Important


Although the United States Postal Services (USPS), United Parcel Service (UPS) and Federal Express have long been the big names in the customer-facing last-mile delivery game, a steadily increasing utilization of eCommerce by shoppers everywhere is pushing even these giants to the limit. There are times when package volumes are so great that their massive [...]

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