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Do Your SKUs Make Sense?


If there was one thing that you could do to improve your pick accuracy and expand your customer base, it would be to plan a system for SKUs that is easy to understand and keeps your inventory manageable. Too many companies use SKUs that are simply a mix of numbers and letters or that are [...]

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3 Ways Good Fulfillment Leads To Happier Customers


In uncertain times, it’s truly unique and outstanding companies that survive. For a business like yours, it takes excellent fulfillment in order to stand above the rest. It’s easy to talk about good order processing and high accuracy rates, but have you ever considered how those things really translate into happier customers? Good Fulfillment = [...]

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What Are Retailer Chargebacks?


If you’re contemplating moving into the business to business space or already have and have been billed by your retailers for “chargebacks” you may be wondering what, exactly, you’ve gotten yourself into. After all, those chargebacks can be very expensive, so much so that it’s not worth the effort it took to get them to [...]

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3 Ways 3PL Warehouses Are Exceeding Customers’ Changing Expectations


As eCommerce grows and matures, allowing eRetailers to make huge innovations in various aspects of the supply chain, customers are also getting more savvy. They’re embracing all the best the supply chain has to offer for an increasingly better experience shopping online time after time. But don’t worry, 3rd party logistics warehouses are rising to [...]

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3 Ways You Can Avoid “Shopper’s Anxiety” For Your Customers


It’s no secret that uncertainty chases more customers away from eCommerce shops than concrete facts, even if that means you have to admit to something they might find unpleasant, like a no returns policy. It’s better to know in the mindset of most online consumers. A lack of information is the root cause of so [...]

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Do You Know The Omnichannel Lingo?


Retail has become an entirely different creature from what it was only a few years ago. When an industry has made such a dramatic transformation in such a short period of time, it follows that the language to describe it also can take a turn for the unfamiliar. It’s important to know the most common lingo [...]

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What Does Brick And Mortar Mean To Retailers Now?


In a retail environment where it seems like there are a lot more clicks than bricks these days, retailers, their employers and shoppers alike wonder what the future holds for old-fashioned brick-and-mortar shops. According to the National Retail Federation, just 21 percent of consumers made purchases in-store over Thanksgiving weekend in 2018. Is this another [...]

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3 Areas We Have Covered In Electronics Fulfillment


Like with your business, 3rd party logistics companies often develop specialties based on the tools and skills that they have available to them.  This might mean that one 3PL is really good with beauty products while another is amazing with pet toys. Just like no eCommerce company can be on top of every niche within eCommerce, [...]

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How To Find The Best Footwear Fulfillment Services Provider


With a return rate in some parts of the sector upward of 40 percent, it’s a wonder anyone makes a living in the fashion industry. The competition is stiff and it can be tough to stay ahead of ever-changing trends. On top of that, any footwear company worth its salt will have not hundreds, but [...]

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